Development Experts

  • Marinades and Glazes
  • Seasoning Blending
    close-up of laboratory pestle in mortar with ground material, blue toned
  • Honey Marinade
  • Experts in Seasoning Application

We have a team of expert flavourists who can develop the very best seasoning or flavour blend for your application.  We have an extensive resource network to support you in developing your product and utilising our flavours in your application. We have considerable experience across all savoury and sweet sectors and have access to a network of specialist consultants for those more tricky problems or for longer term development projects.

Our in-house team can assist you with day to day enquiries and application problems.

The company was established in 2001. Although young,  we are staffed by some of the most experienced and creative people in the UK Seasoning and Flavour industry. We believe one of our core strengths is our creative approach. Our culture is built around providing new ideas to meet customer demands and innovations for market growth.