Bespoke ingredients

With the ever-growing trend for exotic foods, consumers are seeking out previously unfamiliar flavours.

They want something different and they want authenticity. Customers and retailers want to know exactly where ingredients come from. Since TasteConnection’s inception, nearly 20 years ago, we’ve long been regarded as pioneers, discovering the world’s best provenanced ingredients. We’re continually searching for the different and the tasty. We’ve sourced and refined some of the most intriguing and appealing ingredients available. From the best heat treated spices from the Far East to the finest Mediterranean Herbs from Turkey, to name but two of the multitude of ingredients in our repertoire.

Just a taste of what we can do

Gin powder
Bourbon powder
Oyster extract powder
Black garlic
Pink peppercorn
Truffle powder
Lemon drop chilli
Prosecco powder

Connecting trends bespoke ingredients

Always monitoring future taste trends, making accurate predictions, and meeting the demand for bespoke, natural, provenanced ingredients.


On trend

More flavour with every bite

Consumers are demanding hotter, bolder, brighter, more intense flavours.

Imaginative and different

Aspirational food has never been more in demand.


Consumers want to be able to trace the origins of Ingredients to a named source.
Provenanced ingredients give producers a significant edge..


Bespoke ingredients, enable us to create flavours that transform products to another taste dimension


You eat with your eyes.
The trend of picture perfect food, with a story to tell has exploded

Look into your future

If you’d like to discover what’s going to be your next big ingredient, we’ll be happy to share our future insights with you.

The TasteConnection difference

TasteConnection’s expertise is in formulating scintillating seasonings and winning flavour combinations.

As fearless flavour innovators, we’re continually going above and beyond the call of duty, in pursuit of exciting new ingredients and bespoke flavours, to satisfy future trends.

Provenanced ingredients lie at the heart of everything we do. Authentic, regional, local, artisan ingredients, sourced from the far corners of the globe, are our focus.

We use unique technology and a touch of magic to render these natural ingredients, perfectly flavoured for food manufacturers.

Amongst our Toolkit of Technology, we have the following tools at our fingertips:
• Spray drying • Dedicated high care meat processing area, enabling us to put real cuts of meat into our seasonings.
• Fat encapsulation • Drying / cooking • Extraction
• Infusion • Freeze drying • Smoking • Fermenting

A Salmon’s tale

Salmon swimming in lake

When the call came for TasteConnection to produce smoked salmon seasoning, it wasn’t time for us to take a leap of faith. We knew it couldn’t be just any salmon.

The salmon in this tale needed to be very specific. It had to be beautifully smoked; it had to be from a particular loch; and it had to be from a named Salmon farmer.

Our journey took us to the wilds of Scotland where we found the perfect salmon. Smoked to perfection, we personally oversaw the drying, grinding and powdering to produce a uniquely delicious flavour, worthy of this king of fish.

Isn’t it time you connected with us?

Customers come to us with their ideas for bespoke ingredients, we go to them with ours.

Everything we do is customer-centric. You are our focus. If you’d like to hear our future insights regarding your product, don’t hesitate to connect with us.