Authentically full-flavoured savoury foods


Turbo charge the flavour of your product

Regional ethnic tastes are increasingly at the heart of great savoury food. 

Significant opportunities await food manufacturers developing spicier, hotter, provenanced, more flavoursome products.

TasteConnection have conceived some of the most exciting and original flavours, within the Savoury Foods sector.

Just a taste of what we can do

Chipotle and mexican lime rice
Mexican honey-glazed gammon
Truffle and wild garlic risotto
Massaman curry
Zatar spice rice
Spicy bourbon rib rub
Harissa and preserved lemon rice
Singapore noodles

Connecting trends with mouth-watering savoury foods

Always monitoring future taste trends, making accurate predictions, and meeting the demand for them in Savoury Foods, with specific, natural, provenanced flavours.


On trend

instant hot snacks

Instant Hot Snacks

• Premium, authentic flavours.
• Distinct regional ethnic tastes.

Savoury rice

Savoury Rice

• Authentic, spicy, flavours (Tex Mex , Indian).
• A perfect carrier for innovative flavours.
• Provenanced.
• Healthy alternative.



• Spicy flavours.
• Opportunities to utilise specific ‘snack’ flavours.

Rubs and dustings for vegan products

Rubs and dustings for Vegan products

• Spicy hit.
• Flavour augmentation.
• Visual enhancement.
• Recreating fabulous meat flavours.

Magical meat alternatives

Magical Meat alternatives

• Creating great ‘meaty’ flavours.
• Unique flavoursome alternatives eg: Jerk.



• Discover inspirational flavours.
• Big opportunities for exciting alternatives.

Look into your future

If you’d like to discover what’s going to be your next big savoury flavour, we’ll be happy to share our future insights with you.

The TasteConnection difference

TasteConnection’s knowledge of ethnic and regional food trends is unsurpassed.

Our expertise in formulating scintillating seasonings and winning flavour combinations ensures we deliver those big, authentic flavours for your product.

Unsurprisingly, we believe our ability to source the world’s best, provenanced ingredients sets us apart.

We always go the extra mile to create truly authentic flavours, ensuring your product achieves the highest level of taste impact.

And importantly, everything we do is natural. There’s nothing artificial here.

The road to Samarkand

We literally go to the ends of the earth to discover the very best flavours.

To help one customer develop a new, exciting rice blend, our journey of discovery led us to Uzbekistan to learn what made their cuisine tick. On sampling the unique taste of the local lemons, we created a unique Samarkand Lemon flavour, which, we’re told, gave our customer’s Pilaf significantly more pizazz.

Isn’t it time you connected with us?

Customers come to us with their flavour ideas, we go to them with ours.

Everything we do is customer-centric. You are our focus. If you’d like to hear our future insights regarding your product, don’t hesitate to connect with us.