TasteConnection develop premium, on trend, seasonings and flavours

blue cheese and vinegar

We interpret today’s ever-changing consumer food tastes and make it easier for food manufacturers to produce market-leading products, for tomorrow’s consumer.

Our record of producing exciting, on-trend flavours and formulating scintillating seasonings for market leading brands and premium own label products is unrivalled.

Creativity and provenanced, natural ingredients are at the heart of everything we do.

red onion crisps

We create deliciously different savoury & sweet snacks

We devise some of the most innovative and creative flavours within the snack industry.

halloumi fries, harissa and mint
chili and pineapple

Authentically full-flavoured savoury foods

Regional ethnic tastes are increasingly at the heart of great savoury food.



Consumers are seeking out previously unfamiliar flavours. They want something different and they want authenticity.

“We were the first people to associate the word ‘Provenance’ with food rather than art”

Groundbreaking taste insights

We’re adept at understanding and interpreting tomorrow’s ever- changing consumer tastes.

prawns and chilli
carving fresh meat
Women walking carrying fresh food

Our story

The story of fearless flavour innovators

It’s all about you

Meeting with our customers

Everything we do is customer-centric

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Customers come to us with their flavour ideas, we go to them with ours.

Everything we do is customer-centric. You are our focus. If you’d like to hear our future insights regarding your product, don’t hesitate to connect with us.