We create deliciously different savoury & sweet snacks


We don’t just formulate snail flavoured crisps

We devise some of the most innovative and creative flavours within the Snack Industry as well as working with manufacturers, taste designing their deliciously different mainstream snack products.

And yes, we have created snail flavoured crisps.

Just a taste of what we can do

33% of the products featured in a recent, national ‘Best Festive Crisp’ survey, were taste designed by TasteConnection

Connecting trends with scintillating snacks

We’re constantly tracking future taste trends. We make accurate predictions, and meet the demand for them in savoury and sweet snacks, with exciting, natural, provenanced flavours.

On trend

Better for you

Mindful consumers are searching for healthier snack options, from lesser known sources

Spicy, hotter flavours

Consumers are seeking to excite their senses, with snacks offering greater flavour impact

Provenance is key

The origin and story behind the snack remains key.

Vegan snacks

The time’s arrived to relish and proclaim plant based snacks.

New bases

Lentil and pea based snacks will continue to increase in popularity with the wellness consumer.

Look into your future

If you’d like to discover what’s going to be your next big snack flavour, we’ll be happy to share our future insights with you.

The TasteConnection difference

Every project we undertake is in some way unique. We always deliver a bespoke taste solution, designed to truly differentiate your snack.

We like to think of ourselves as flavour artists. To use a music analogy, we use our ‘mixing desk’ of taste tools to finely tune and enhance the flavour notes of your product.

We have exclusive processes and technologies to create unique powders, all created from natural foods, for specific use in snack seasoning.

We even have our own unique meat processing facility, where we’ve produced specialist meat powders from hog roasts to ostrich.

We are proud to lay claim to being the first to associate the word ‘provenance’ with food. To this day, we have continued to be the industry’s leading ‘provenance‘ ingredient experts. We have vast experience of sourcing the best, most innovative ingredients around the globe.

Going the extra mile (or 2000)

We’re always happy to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are completely happy with the provenance and quality of our ingredients.

In one instance, we organised a trip to the Atlas mountains for a manufacturer to witness first-hand, the thousands of acres east of Casablanca, where delicately flavoured wild thyme grows. Harvested sustainably by local families, the thyme is collected by hand and sun dried, to produce a truly unique snack ingredient.

Isn’t it time you connected with us?

Customers come to us with their flavour ideas, we go to them with ours.

Everything we do is customer-centric. You are our focus. If you’d like to hear our future insights regarding your product, don’t hesitate to connect with us.