Groundbreaking insights

We’re experts at interpreting tomorrow’s ever-changing consumer tastes.

Our knowledge, skill and creativity sets us apart. We’ve an array of resources at our fingertips, ensuring you have the best insight in how to take full advantage of tomorrow’s on trend flavours and seasonings.

Most importantly, we possess the insight, expertise and technical resources to turbo charge the flavour of your product.

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We predict the future

With consumers more informed and receptive than ever, it’s never been more important to be fully aware of emerging trends.

Our ability to predict and bring about mind blowing taste experiences is unrivalled. Constantly identifying, monitoring, and tracking global flavour trends, our knowledge is extensive. We’ll provide you with the most authoritative guide to taste trends currently available in the UK.

Have we mentioned we’re well connected?

We have global suppliers to die for.

You need that very specific ingredient to develop a new, premium, on trend flavour. We’ll find it for you.

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Nothing artificial here

Our flavours are always authentic, provenanced and natural. Perfect for ensuring your product is premium, or even unique.

You can believe us when we say we know how to truly bring authentic flavours to life. We make sure you fully capitalise on newly identified market opportunities.

Matchless market insights

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Nobody understands your consumers’ changing tastes and expectations better.

In this fast moving market, anticipating and identifying future market developments and needs, is key to successful flavour innovation.

Integrated approach

TasteConnection constantly observe markets worldwide, to accumulate and assess the very best market intelligence. We share this information with you as part of your flavour development process.

Extraordinary expertise

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We’d like to think we’ve been responsible for a bit of ‘taste magic’, over the years

Provenanced ingredients are always at the heart of great food and TasteConnection’s expertise in formulating stunning seasonings and winning flavour combinations has never been more sought after.

Creativity sets us apart

We’re proud to be populated with some of the most innovative and knowledgable experts in the flavour industry. It is this that sets us apart.

Our Creative Centre is where much of the magic happens

Based in the Cotswolds, our dedicated Creative Centre housed in a converted 16th Century Barn, is where much of the magic happens.

Our outstanding on-site resources include an industry leading development laboratory and a respected presentation kitchen. They sit alongside BRC accredited production facilities.

All set in an area of outstanding natural beauty with our own wildlife conservation area, a low Carbon Impact Policy, all heated by ground source heating.

Encyclopaedic knowledge

Over the last two decades, our knowledge base of taste formulations has grown to encyclopaedic proportions. Our range of flavours is universal. Our thirst for those as yet undiscovered remains insatiable.

Tomorrow’s flavours, today

Our creative approach and technical expertise, coupled with unrivalled knowledge of taste trends and market insight, means we’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying and producing tomorrow’s flavours, today.

What’s more, we have the highest levels of industry accreditation

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Isn’t it time you connected with us?

Customers come to us with their flavour ideas, we go to them with ours.

Everything we do is customer-centric. You are our focus. If you’d like to hear our future insights regarding your product, don’t hesitate to connect with us.