flavour innovators

Andrew, Nick and john

Our story

Told in the best possible taste.

Our Directors Nick, Andrew and John are all ‘Foodies’ at heart, and they’re passionate about great tasting food.


The story starts in 2002. Nick and Andrew our founders, are reunited from different multinational spice and flavour companies. They’re partial to a good snack and they really love great tasting food. We think you’ll see a theme developing.

They needed a name

Their world revolves around taste. They want to connect specialist seasonings, provenanced ingredients and forthcoming food trends. They know what consumers want.

are born

They’re so well informed, they can predict the future

They know so much about taste, they’re asked by food manufacturers, large and small, to help them predict new taste trends. They were the first people to associate the word provenance with food, rather than art.

One thing leads to another

To satisfy the demand for their predicted taste trends, they’re soon requested to source ingredients and produce specialist seasonings for Snacks, Cheese, and Ready Meals. In no time at all, they’re helping titillate consumer tastebuds with exciting new flavours such as Firecracker Lobster, Green Lemon, Iberico Ham to name but a few.

Lobster and iberico ham

Pioneers, discovering
the world’s best provenanced ingredients

Our fearless friends scour the world, beating a path to the door of some of the world’s best ingredient producers. Provenance is key. Many remain trusted specialist suppliers to TasteConnection to this day.

Formulating innovative flavours

With provenanced ingredients at the heart of great food, demand grows for TasteConnection’s expertise in formulating scintillating seasonings and winning flavour combinations.


An environment where talent and creativity thrive

Today, TasteConnection is peopled with some of the most creative and innovative professionals in the flavour industry. Creativity sets us apart.

Isn’t it time you connected with us?

Customers come to us with their flavour ideas, we go to them with ours.

Everything we do is customer-centric. You are our focus. If you’d like to hear our future insights regarding your product, don’t hesitate to connect with us.