Letting British ingredients shine

Modern British chefs are increasingly highlighting the sources of ingredients on menus and social media posts. Adopting a seasonal approach, enabling natural ingredient flavours to shine through, maximising flavour and extending the season’s ingredients. Key to this trend is the provenance of British grown ingredient; home grown vegetables and herbs; and the showcasing of suppliers.

Ingredient-led British cuisine, aligns with three of the 2021/22 food and drink megatrends:

  • ‘Taking a stance’ The importance of provenance; the terroir of British ingredients; ethical, sustainable farming and nose to tail practices, are all fundamental elements.
  • ‘Stand out’ Chefs’ personal stories, particularly the ones that look back to old techniques, recipes and regional dishes, to maximise the flavour of ingredients. Highlighting the sources of their ingredients on menus and social media posts
  • ‘Re-wild’ From kitchen gardens to window box herbs, the opportunity to maximise home -grown ingredients is being thoroughly embraced.