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A word of introduction…

A warm welcome to the latest edition of TASTENEWS, the exciting newsletter from TASTECONNECTION.


 Our aim is simple; to keep our customers informed of the latest trends in the food industry and how TasteConnection can help you address those trends. In this edition we look at the latest trends within the industry.

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Maple Syrup…

Maple Syrup


TasteConnection are delighted to announce they are working exclusively with L.B. Maple Treat Corporation, to bring high quality Canadian Maple Syrup in to the UK.

Below is some information about the company, their standards and products:

We are one of the largest independent growers/producers of pure maple syrup worldwide and have been in operation since 1975. We control all aspects of the production and distribution of our products and absolutely no chemicals, preservatives or additives are used in the production of our pure maple syrup. We are certified B.R.C, and all our maple syrup is certified Kosher U. The maple syrup we produce is inspected and graded by a third party (Groupe Acer). Our use of modern technology and a group of dependable farmers and suppliers over the last three decades, has enabled us to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices.

Our head office, bottling plant and primary distribution centre is located in Granby, Quebec.  The plant has over 100,000 square feet, with a refrigerated warehouse.

Maple syrup history

Maple syrup production has evolved considerably over the years. Even though its modern production is for commercial ends, it still remains a beloved part of traditional Quebec culture.

Native Americans first discovered maple syrup by cutting notches in the maple trees to collect the maple sap in birch bark containers. They concentrated the sap by freezing it several times and then boiling it by heating with hot rocks.

Europeans refined the process of collecting sap by drilling holes into the trees and attaching wooden spouts. They used metal buckets for collecting the sap and using huge iron boiling pots to concentrate it into syrup or sugar.

Nowadays, the sap is collected by plastic spigots and tubing attached to each tree that carry it all the way to the sugarhouse. Reverse osmosis equipment is then used to concentrate the sap by separating the water and sugar molecules. The concentrated liquid is boiled in large evaporators to finally become maple syrup.

All maple syrup is packed by hot-fill (1850F / 850C) and quickly sealed in food grade containers with tamper evident seals. This ensures safety and leak proof travel.

Our Maple Syrup

The most natural and healthy sugar substitute… with none of its drawbacks.

Maple syrup has been a Canadian tradition for generations, and its popularity has grown with today’s trend toward a healthier, nutritious diet. Absolutely no chemicals, preservatives or additives are used in the production of our pure maple syrup.

It takes 40 litres of maple sap to make one litre of maple syrup. This is the exact amount that a maple tree can produce in one harvest.

Quality, Integrity, Trust

Even though our company has achieved international success, it has always acted according to its founder’s values of quality, integrity and trust. After more than three decades serving our customers with the highest degree of professionalism, we enjoy an enviable reputation throughout the industry, because we have always refused to compromise on the excellence of our service or our products. And we’ll keep on innovating by sticking to these same principles.

Caring for the environment

We think it’s important to protect the environment. To this end, we are constantly searching for new ways to improve our working methods and processes. In addition we also hold several certifications that attest to our environmental commitment. We believe that small, simple acts can help reduce our collective environmental impact.

Luc Bergeron’s Farm

Luc Bergeron's Farm

With over 35 years of experience producing pure maple syrup and delicious maple syrup products, we are very proud and confident that we offer the highest quality maple syrup products found in our industry.

In 1994, we commissioned a new state-of-the-art syrup processing facility with a view to becoming the world leader in maple syrup production. We also embraced the emerging organic trend by having our farm certified organic by Ecocert Canada.


Quality control is of the utmost importance in our production. That is why we take pride in our H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) quality control plan and BRC (A Grade) certification we are also certified Kosher.  

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